Devastator | official music video

The video for “Devastator” is the result of a year-long collaboration between Nervous Curtains and TZOM Films.

Set in a “destitute future devoid of hope”, and starring actor Dean Wray as a deranged, Messianic figure deluding his hungry flock with the promise of strange miracles, Wray’s riveting, and at times unhinged performance, mirrors singer Sean Kirkpatrick’s theatrical vocal performance–making for the kind of music video that is not soon forgotten.

Music video for Nervous Curtains "Devastator"
Produced by TZOM Films.
Adolfo Cantú-Villarreal - Director, DP, Editor
Ivan Cantu-Villarreal - Writer, Co-Producer
Maribel De Leon - Producer
Ashton Kennedy - Producer, Assistant Director
Nervous Curtains - Sean Kirkpatrick, Robert Anderson, Ian Hamilton
Dean Wray - Lead Actor
Danielle Georgiou - Supporting Actor
Kayla Anderson - Supporting Actor
Baba Ogundipe - Supporting Actor
Gabriel King - Supporting Actor
Brady Tulk - Cam Operator, AC
Dom Jones - Cam Operator
Mark Diemer - PA
Gina Cervantes - Make Up
Emily Ash - Make Up